Bad Effects of Marjuana

Marijuana or commonly known as Weed is a drug that a wide range of people wants to legalize. Their reason is that it has no bad effects, but is it true. Now we’re going to explore what is the truth behind this Drug.

  1. Physical Side Effects – It gives you the sensation of getting high yet your internal organs, nervous system and immune system will experience a bad hit that will last fro 3-4 hours. It speeds up you heart rate which can cause heart attacks. It also irritates your lungs that can resultĀ in lung cancer. Dizziness, increased appetite, red eyes, dry mouth and slow reaction to time can also be noticed when someone has used Weed.
  2. Bad Effects to the Brain- The unpleasant side effect of Marijuana is in causes Short term memory loss, Anxiety, Depression, Random Thinking, and Paranoia.

These are the bad effects of weed, this will help you rethink using Marijuana.

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