Some Tricks about Using Doctor Excuse Return to Work Slips

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Using a fake doctors slip is not easy because your employer may try to verify it. If that happens, you should know some tricks of using them. First of all…

Be relaxed about it. Taking the offensive side to your employer wanting to know about your visit will make you look very guilty. While you may be fuming in your head, relax on the outside and they will likely never know.

Don’t give in to ridiculous demands. Your employer has a certain right to know about what you were doing when you were off work, but you have a certain right when it comes to the privacy of your healthcare. If your employer wants to contact your healthcare provider to find out if you were there, let him or her. If they want to ask questions about your illness or your visit, decline them. This is something that should be kept private, whether you have visited a fake doctor or not.

Find a great excuse. This goes without saying for people who do not want to get caught, but you need to have an excuse that lines up on all levels. The excuse may even have a fake phone number that leads back to an office answering service. This is something you must do before hand to ensure that your employer has a number he or she can call should they have any questions.

Don’t brag about it. See your best work buddy sitting over there that you so badly want to tell about your excuse? He’s not your friend, he’s just waiting for you to slip up so he can run to the boss and get that next big promotion. Even if you think you truly have a best friend at work, you don’t. Make sure that you don’t tell anyone about your fake excuse. Keep it to yourself or risk letting the cat out of the bag.

Don’t go overboard. An employer will be more inclined to question the excuse if you have made one that is very elaborate. They will not believe you if you had a severe case of pneumonia on Friday, but are back to work on Monday. This will reduce the chances of being questioned about the excuse.

Check your note. While we all know that it is important to check for errors, be sure to check the phone number on your note to make sure that it truly leads back to an office answering service. Doing this will allow you to have that peace of mind you need when you are turning it in to your employer. You will know that they are going to get the office service when they make the decision to question the legitimacy of your note.

Stick to your story. So, your employer called the number and was able to verify that you were at the doctor. You need to be able to answer any questions about your visit. Your employer may choose to ask you the questions or he or she may have a coworker do it for them. No matter how many people you talk to about your doctor’s visit, make sure that it is the same story. For posterity, try not to tell too many people about the visit in detail.

Don’t give up. If your employer was unable to verify the note, he or she may try to coerce you into giving up information making the note fake. You can protect yourself by not giving up the real story because you never know when your employer may be bluffing about what they know. Get your very own fake doctor’s note right here.